Covid Security

Full refund:

For the following Covid restrictive measures:

  • the government advises against travel
  • the region in which you are domiciled is in lockdown
  • the campsite is closed due to Covid


Book carefree!

Your booking is secure, full refund due to Covid. You can confirm your reservation and formalize it with a deposit. The deposit you send us, we will return it to you in case your cancellation is linked to a further emergency due to Covid.

If there are no government restrictions, but a member of the crew contracts Covid and the stay is compromised, the medical certificate must be sent to us, and the deposit will be returned.

For all other situations the usual booking conditions apply.


Sanitation and Covid rules

In the common areas such as toilets, laundry and market / bar sanitization is intensified, and we use certified disinfectant products.

You can relax and disinfect your hands, you will find sanitizing gels near all common areas. Our bungalows are sanitized before your arrival, we use disinfectant and sanitizing products, plus further sanitization with the OZONE GENERATOR.

We must always wear a mask in common areas and respect safety distances.